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    Secrets Of Refinancing – Discover What Many Mortgage Pros Don’t Want You To Know!

    The goal of refinancing is to improve your financial situation.

    But…not all refinancing is the same!

    Refinancing your home loan involves replacing your current mortgage(s) with one or more new loan(s) on the same property. There are several possible benefits; refinancing could:

    • Secure a lower interest rate (particularly if interest rates have dropped)
    • Lower your monthly payments
    • Allow you to switch from an variable to a fixed rate in the case of rising interest rates
    • Finance a balloon payment on a car loan for example, that you can’t afford
    • Help you to avoid bankruptcy
    • Reduce the term of a longer mortgage
    • Reduce risk
    • Withdraw cash for other purposes
    • Consolidate debt
    • Obtain potential tax benefits*

    (*We are not accountants, and cannot provide tax advice – please check with your tax accountant before taking any actions.)

    • And more!

    You have to be very careful that you don’t get talked into a new, refinanced home loan that could turn out to make your situation worse in the short run, and/or long run.

    Some lenders have very limited refinancing home loan options, particularly banks or other single source lenders.

    They may have one or two types of mortgages that can be used for refinancing, loans that may offer some benefits to you…but at what cost?

    You really need to work with mortgage/refinancing professionals who can analyze dozens of home loans from dozens of lenders so you can be educated on the pros and cons of a variety of loan programs.

    WARNING! Sometimes refinancing can reduce your monthly payments but at a cost that doesn’t work out for you!

    For example, if a bank charges you $10,000 in overt and hidden fees to refinance, and you’re going to save $150 a month in payments…it would take you over 5 ½ years to break even.

    If you don’t stay in the house for that long…you could actually lose money on the deal.

    You have to be careful. What looks obvious may not be when you dig into the details and fine print.

    When it comes to Home Loan Refinance, you need to speak to qualified professionals like Our Mortgage Options with extensive experience in this area…and access to 47 lenders with hundreds of home loans you can take advantage of!   

    Although it’s possible to save a lot of money by refinancing your loan, if you follow the wrong advice you can increase your risk and make a very expensive mistake.

    That’s why you need to call Our Mortgage Options today to carry out refinance home loan comparison!

    Our expert team will provide you with professional home loan refinance advice that is tailored to your specific situation and needs.

    You are going to discover there are only two real possibilities to get proper advice and coaching on the possibility of refinancing:

    1. Either talk to a bank, or,
    2. Talk to a Mortgage Broker

    Banks won’t normally give you much of a choice.

    If you want choice… choose a broker like Our Mortgage Options!

    Refinance Home Loan Comparison From 32 Different Lenders!

    Our Mortgage Options offers professional financial services in the Sydney and West Sydney area.

    Our first priority is to help you save as much money on your new, refinanced mortgage as possible. We do this by having 32 loan partners.

    We can shop virtually every refinancing option out there…and show you how various loans compare to one another…so you can make an educated decision instead of being talked into a loan that could benefit the lender more than you! 

    At Our Mortgage Options we believe in providing personal service that looks at your particular financial profile in order to establish the most cost-effective solution for your particular circumstances.

    We will explain all the pros and cons in plain English, and if you want to proceed, we’ll help collating and preparing all the documentation and submitting your application.

    All without any money directly out of your pocket!

    You see, there’s no way to provide an answer whether refinancing is right for you unless we analyze all the facts about your specific finances.

    We would need to review items such as:

    • Why do you want to refinance
    • What features do you have within your current mortgage
    • Early payout penalties and discharge costs
    • How much equity you have
    • Flexibility you’re looking for in a new home loan
    • Will you need to take out costly mortgage insurance
    • How much will the financial institution lend you on your home mortgage
    • Tax filings
    • Monthly budget
    • Debts
    • Income
    • Savings
    • Investments
    • Any other financial details

    Once we review all this with you and discuss your personal goals and concerns…we can provide you with accurate information on exactly what we can do or not do.

    And how much you may be able to refinance, and how much lower your monthly payments could be!  

    Want to find out how much you might be able to save?

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