Mortgage SimulationHere at Our Mortgage Options, our aim is to ensure our clients make an informed decision about their home loan. To do this, we perform something called a mortgage simulation.

What is a Mortgage Simulation

After we’ve had our initial consultation, discussed goals and objectives, and completed a client needs analysis, we perform a simulation. The simulation is designed to help you comprehend the difference between two, three, or even four suitable lenders.

We use software to narrow down available lenders, and then we compare like with like. Learn more about the simulation process in the video below.

The Benefit of a Mortgage Simulation

The main benefit of a mortgage simulation is it can save you money. The total cost difference between two home loans from two suitable lenders can be about $14,000 over a thirty-year period – and this isn’t down to interest rates alone, it also factors in additional fees.

Secure the Perfect Home Loan

If you’re in the process of securing a home loan, and you’d like to get the best possible loan for your unique circumstances, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can review over 30 lenders for you whenever and wherever suits you. Call on 1300 700 496 or shoot us an email.


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