Beware of scams!

Know your numbers and educate yourself before investing in property or any other type of investment.

Take inventory of your current situation not just your financial information but also your level of education, the best person to protect yourself from unscrupulous operators is yourself.

There is a saying no one cares more about your money than you do, you have worked hard for your money so the first thing you should do is learn to protect it.

Know your numbers and educate yourself, I can’t emphasis strongly enough that you should educate yourself before proceeding with any type of investment.

There are many companies and people who are ready to take your money for their own well-being and purposes first without any regard to your well-being, they will make promises and claims about huge returns but fail to deliver anything.

In the book called “The personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman, The author states that any venture doesn’t deliver what it promises is a scam.

A good resource to be used to forewarn yourself before dealing with anyone is the ASIC website called Money smart, the URL for this web site is:

A good finance broker will aim to educate you first, learn about your goals and objectives, ask lots of questions to understand what you want to achieve before offering a solution.


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