pay home loan fasterHow can I pay off my home loan faster, and own my home sooner?

This is a question I get asked time and time again. Unfortunately, there’s no secret way to speed up the process, but there are a few changes you can make.

Check out the video below for my tips on how to pay off your home loan faster and save money.

As I mentioned, one way to pay back your home loan faster is to pay back more. You can see the effects of extra repayments on our special Extra Repayments Calculator – scroll down, it’s the last one on the page.  It’s amazing how much you can save when you make a couple of changes.

Want Some Help?

If you have any questions about paying off your home loan or if you’d like to review your loan to see if you could do better with a new one, get in contact and we’ll help you out. Call on 1300 700 496, or send me an email via the form on the right or from our contact page.


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