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Attention First Time Home Buyers & Investors –
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Reveals Little Known Purchasing Secrets When Buying
A Home To Live In Or Invest…Without Getting Taken!

“The Homebuyer’s Complete Guide To Home Purchasing Secrets!”



At this free, no-obligation workshop you’ll discover little known information such as:

  • Four options to buy a home if you don’t have the “normal” deposit!
  • How to avoid paying lender’s mortgage insurance!
  • How to qualify for discounted interest rates no one’s told you exist!
  • Little used but perfectly legal ways to qualify for initial deposits that don’t require cash sitting in a bank account!
  • Legal techniques to utilize otherwise dormant Superannuation funds to acquire properties you could miss out on!
  • How to use rent as an asset towards the purchase of your property!
  • How to avoid potentially unethical promoters and developers who have been known to fleece unknowing victims of their scams!
  • How much cash will you actually need!
  • Issues you need to consider bankers may not reveal!
  • What is SMSF property? Could one be right for you!
  • Deposit Bonds and how they can be the solution you need!
  • How to avoid overpaying or getting taken with less than competitive loans!
  • And much, much more!

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At “Our Mortgage Options”, we know an informed consumer makes the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes. Join us for an eye-opening workshop that could literally change your life.

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