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We Are NOT Your Ordinary Home Loan Brokers

As you have probably read elsewhere on this website, we have a desire to go the extra mile in the mortgage loan process.

To our mortgage brokers, having a happy client is one of the main reasons we are in business. We know how frustrating and time consuming home loan application process can be… from the forms which are often daunting even to the initiated, to the requirements for the proof documents… It’s really helpful to have someone who knows the process looking out for you.

Here’s the thing.  We want you to have a good experience when you get your finance, so we will do whatever it takes to make it as easy as possible for you.

Numerous times we have…

  • Seen a client after hours. Saturday, Sunday, in the evening… whenever
  • Been at clients places at 12:15am after getting there at 8pm so they could get their docs done that night
  • Picked up the home loan documents and hand delivered them to speed up the loan process
  • Gone to see solicitors on our client’s behalf to pick up certified ID and other docs
  • Hand delivered documents for settlement
  • On many occasions we have attended open houses and auctions with our clients. This is mainly for moral support. We don’t make any recommendations as to whether they should buy or not, we just go along and give them some tips… like what to look for, etc. But at the end of the day it’s always their decision.

It’s just the way we do business.

Our mortgage brokers understand people are busy so we make ourselves accessible at times which are more suitable to our clients. It’s a kind of sweat equity marketing cost. We have discovered that a delighted customer uses us again and brings us referrals.

The Extra Things We Do Which Most Home Loan Brokers and Lenders Don’t

Below are a few accounts of the steps we are prepared to take should the need arise…

Case Study 1 – How we Saved a Settlement Which Was Hours From Failing

Not too long ago a particular client who had given us a lot of business was in the process of financing a project. And for one reason or another, the loan documents were delayed. This client lived in Western Sydney but during the week he worked in Canberra. His routine was to stay in Canberra on week nights and travel home for the weekends.

It wasn’t our fault that the documents were delayed, it was the lenders fault. But unfortunately settlement was looming at a rapid rate.

To make sure we met the settlement date, we decided to drive into Sydney from Western Sydney to pick up the documents. We then went to his home address and had his wife sign the documents. From there we journeyed down to Canberra, met the client at his place of work and had him sign the loan documents.

We then express posted the documents while we were still in Canberra. The documents were received on time and settlement occurred as originally planned, without any delay.

Case Study 2 – Why we Drove 380km for a Client

An investor client of ours who had given us lots of business over the years was in the process of buying a service station. To make this happen we had to sort a number of loans to raise cash to the value of approximately a million dollars. To speed things up we needed to get some original documentation from the clients solicitors regarding a property he had inherited from his late Grandfather.

Sometimes to make the wheels turn, you just have to walk things through the process personally.

Our client’s solicitors were in Lithgow which is 145Km from our office in Campbelltown. So we had our client fax authority for us to collect the documents to their solicitors and made the journey. We then drove back with the documents to Wilton (150Kms) and delivered them to our client. While we were there we made copies so we could forward them on to the lender.

A few days later once the loan approval process was completed, we drove into Sydney, picked up the documentation and again drove out to Wilton (a round trip of approximately 150kms). We got the client to sign the loan documents and then hand delivered them to the lender’s solicitors over at Concord near the Sydney Olympic Park, a further 80klm trip.

Because of our efforts, the process was sped up significantly and the client’s needs were not only met, but greatly exceeded.

Case Study 3 – How We Overturned a Loan Decline for Client

A client of ours had almost finished renovating his house. He was feeling a little constricted with his cash flow and wanted to tidy up his finances. He planned to refinance and consolidate some debt.

The only things which hadn’t been finished in the house were the rear deck and the kitchen bench. He had paid for both but materials were yet to arrive, so in the meantime he put plywood on the bench top. The deck would be completed when the tradesmen finished it.

We took the loan application to a major lender but they declined the loan saying the house was not completed and therefore did not meet the criteria. This was quite a blow if not a little petty, so we went back to the lender and argued the point. After all, the client was already living in the premise. We pointed out that it was not structural and did not diminish the building in any way. We explained the bench top was paid for and would be delivered and fitted once it was ready.

We must have been persuasive because they overturned the decline and gave them the loan. Whilst this is another instance of going in to bat for our client, it also speaks to the relationship we have with the lenders. Part of the success of this application was because we have a strong connection with the relationship manager of many of the lenders.

Case Study 4 – Helping Out While on Holiday in Germany

A little while back a client came to me and asked if there was a way to refinance and get some cash out of his property. This is basically an equity release and he was looking to free up around $100,000.

I went and saw the client, did my usual due diligence and submitted the loan. All this occurred almost immediately before I went on holidays and before the process was complete, I left for Germany.

While I was away, the lender came back asking for more information. I sent a quick email out to the client, got the additional information and forwarded it on to the lender. The lender responded with the loan approval. I then rang the client from Germany and said, “Congratulations! Your loan is approved.”

The documents then went out to the client; they signed them and sent them back to the lender. The loan went through without a hitch.

Look, it’s not rocket science, but it is a big help when you have someone who knows the process as well as we do.

We can tell pretty quickly which lenders will take on your business and can direct you to the most suitable loan product for your circumstances.

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