Are Home Loans and Mortgages the Same Thing?

Although the terms home loan and mortgage are thought of as interchangeable by many, they are, in fact, two separate things. If you’re planning to buy a property, it’s a good idea to clarify what these terms mean, so let’s take a closer look. Home Loan The term home...

Applying for a Home Loan on Maternity Leave

Congratulations on your new baby! Balancing work life and family life can be difficult after the arrival of a new baby, and the last thing you want to worry about are your finances. But, life is unexpected, and if your family is ready to move while you’re on maternity...

3 Things to Consider Before Selling your Home

Selling your home is both exciting and daunting, and there is so much to consider before you list your property on the market. Here are 3 things we recommend you think about before you sell. 1. The Time of Year Legend has it there is an ideal time of year to sell....

3 Criteria for a Great Investment Property

The success of your investment depends partly on how well you choose a property. Your investment property needs to deliver on both capital growth and rental returns. Of course you can’t predict the future, but there are a few criteria that a property should have...

5 Reasons Your Home Loan May Be Declined

Image credit: Enokson Everyone’s home loan application is unique, and all lenders have different rules and requirements that determine whether or not your loan will be approved. If you’re application has been knocked back, here are five possible reasons why that might...

Purchasing Multiple Units On One Title

Are you interested in investing in a property with multiple units on one title? It’s what many investors prefer to do. However, lenders do have restrictions on how many properties can be purchased on one title, and the LVR (loan to value ratio) they will allow. Why...

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