What to be aware of when buying off the plan

The rise of new apartment developments in our cities provides greater opportunities for potential home owners to buy off the plan. There are benefits to this, but also a number of things to be mindful of. We look at some of the things to consider when buying off the...
Pros and cons of a line of Credit

Pros and cons of a line of Credit

A line of credit can be a very appealing idea, with immediate access to the limit of a mortgage and no extra approvals necessary. Used wisely, it can make investment and purchase of commercial equipment simple, but it can also spell disaster for the unprepared. A line...
Mortgage Simulation: What to Expect

Mortgage Simulation: What to Expect

Here at Our Mortgage Options, our aim is to ensure our clients make an informed decision about their home loan. To do this, we perform something called a mortgage simulation. What is a Mortgage Simulation After we’ve had our initial consultation, discussed goals and...

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