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The team at Our Mortgage Options specialise in helping people with unconventional lending circumstances source and structure better finance, optimised to maximise your borrowing capacity and potentially save you thousands in interest and fees…


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Our Six ‘A’ System To Help You Get The Right Finance — Fast


We take time to understand your needs and financial situation so we can source and structure the right loan to save you interest & fees while protecting your assets


We compare loans from dozens of lenders and negotiate rates, fees, and conditions on your behalf – all at no cost


We present you with several options, explain all the details, and give you our professional recommendation


We pre-fill and package your application (saving you hours of admin) for maximum approval success


We follow up to ensure everything goes smoothly (with no mistakes) right through to settlement day


We regularly review everything to ensure you can be confident you have the right loan for your situation.

A Process that Gets Results


Unlike banks and many mortgage brokers, Alex has proven to me that he actually cares for our financial wellbeing. He is a professional with unsurpassable knowledge and expertise. I have known Alex for a number of years, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else when it comes to lending advice. He has proven himself time and time again that his primary interest is the client. Thanks to Alex we have been able to have our rate reduced by almost 2% over the last couple of years. This is a saving of at least $10,000 a year. This means that we have options to do what we want to do with the extra money – holiday, kids education, renovation or potentially another investment property in a couple of years’ time. Thank you Alex once again.

Maria – Inner West Sydney

A Huge Thank You To Alex From Our Mortgage Options!!

“A huge thank-you to Alex from Our Mortgage Options!! I came across Alex about 18 months ago when my partner and I were trying to get into the housing market as first home buyers. Thank god we found Alex and had him on board to help us with our journey. He guided us all the way from getting our pre approval to buy our land and house making everything so easy and stress free. He found us a great loan and bank, explaining everything we needed to know in plain english. He managed everything related to our bank including progress payments and inspections with his communications always prompt causing no delays. Thank-you Alex for helping us to get our first home:)


My Investment Refinance Journey Paid Huge Dividends!!

“As an experienced investor who has required finance for property purchases whether they be for land, units, houses or for construction both in NSW or interstate, I’m always after a better deal. Ultimately the better the deal, the more dollars I can drive back into further investments to achieve my financial freedom dreams and fund my lifestyle that includes a comfortable family home, private school fees for my children, numerous overseas trips, and stepping ever closer to leaving the rat race behind. Recently in this strange Covid-19 world, Alex at Our Mortgage Options managed to refinance my exisiting mortgages and secure me additional construction loan finance that has now paid off handsomely. I’m basically at minimum now $500 a month (or $6000 a year) better off with reduced interest rate payments meaning that the next project after this new property is built, is not that far away. The refinance journey due to financial institution compliance can sometimes be excruciatingly long and frustrating but with Alex in your corner, well worth it!!”

Martin - Western Sydney

The Process Was Smooth and Hassle Free!

“Alex was extremely helpful throughout our 1st home purchase. He made the process smooth and hassle free. He is well versed in his field and we would recommend his professionalism to anyone who is needing the guidance that he offered in serving us.”


Buying A New Home…
or Buying An Investment Property?

WARNING! Not All Mortgage Providers Are The Same!

Here’s the bottom line – mortgages for residences and investment properties are a product just like any other product in this respect: You can get a great fairly priced mortgage, or an awful, over-priced loan, or anything in between. One mortgage is not the same as another. Mortgages aren’t like pieces of candy that are all the same.

Stop and Think

Alex SperlingNumerous mortgage professionals, bank employees being among them, are known to sell mortgages that are beneficial to them, usually with fees, interest rates and other miscellaneous expenses that are not reasonably justified.

This ultimately leads to higher commissions and more money for the mortgage providers, but leaves you, your family and your investments with less money.

Poorly chosen mortgages can have a significant cost to you, both financially and emotionally, with thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars in added expenses.

If you were to take out a 30-year, $750,000 loan and receive a higher interest rate than necessary, (with a difference of 0.31%) you would be paying an additional $52,739 in interest that serves no purpose to you. It would be just like taking the equivalent of $52,739 and setting it ablaze in a bonfire.

If you were aware of how mortgages and mortgage brokers operate in the real world, you would not want to spend the unnecessary money!

What steps do you take in order to prevent this from happening?

Be sure to communicate with a professional that won’t employ any kind of sales tactics or other strategies to try to convince you to enter into a loan that may not be suitable for you.

We have over 49+ lenders with a variety of home and investment loan products that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, at your office via video link, at a time that fits with your lifestyle – even on weekends!

We strive to provide you with the most fair and cost-effective loans that best suit your needs.

We will take care of the tedious task of finding the ideal home loan for you, so you can spend your time doing something more interesting.

If you are open for a chat, request a Call Back and I will call you for an initial review of your situation. I promise there will be no sales pitch!

So, are you finally ready to work with a Broker you can Trust?

Alex Sperling - Finance/Mortgage Broker

Alex Sperling - Finance/Mortgage Broker

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